Math Tables: Weights and Measures


Unit Conversion Tables

Lengths & Distances
Also, Ken Prentice offers a variety of unit conversion calculators that run on Windows.

A note on the metric system:
Before you use this table convert to the base measurement first, in that convert centi-meters to meters, convert kilo-grams to grams. In this way, I don't have to list every imaginable combination of metric units.

SI Prefixes

10 1deka-da
10 2hecto-h
10 3kilo-k
10 6mega-M
10 9giga-G
10 12tera-T
10 15peta-P
10 18exa-E
10 21zeta-Z
10 24yotta-Y
10 -1deci-d
10 -2centi-c
10 -3milli-m
10 -6micro-
10 -9nano-n
10 -12pico-p
10 -15femto-f
10 -18atto-a
10 -21zepto-z
10 -24yocto-y