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Sources for the information on DMT include: what I read/heard in class, what I derived, that obtained from my parents' college textbooks, MathcadŽ results, responses to newsgroup questions, amoung others. Almost all are not specific to any one source. Credit is given to the following sources in particular for their contributions to the calculus, trig, stat, conic and advanced sections:

Lide, David R., CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 72nd edition. Boston: CRC Press, 1991-1992 ed.

Morrey, Charles B. Jr.; Protter, Murray H. College Calculus with Analytic Geometry. Reading: Addison-Wesley, 1964.

Shenk, Al. Calculus and Analytic Geometry. San Diego: Goodyear Publishing Co., 1979.

Simmons, George F. Calculus Gems. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1992.

Widder, David V. Advanced Calculus, 2nd edition. New York: Dover Publications, 1989.

Graphs were created with MathcadŽ software, with the exception of 3-D conics created with Bryce-2 software. In addition, MathcadŽ proved invaluable for some of the more complicated derivations. Tables, such as the trig and stat number tables, are original.

Thanks are given to those who have offered tips and error corrections. There are so many who have offered small, helpful tips that it would be cumbersome to list them all here. The following are comments from users:

I noticed that you have put together an interesting and useful set of pages for teachers. If you don't mind, I will place a lik to your web site from ours. You have done a good job of presenting math expressions given the constraints of HTML. For an alternative way of doing this, you might be interested in looking at our MathType product. The latest version, 3.5, can produce nice looking GIF images of equations. Take a look at our sample pages at - Paul Topping 9/1/97.

Hello there Dave. I saw your site named on television today. They spoke of great sites for children. They were right. You did a wonderful jog. You know what I would like to see also. Fractions, Square roots and factoring info. This is a cool site, and I shall save it.  - 8/27/97

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...I am going to use your Trig graphs as study guides for my pre-calc class. ... -- Minnesota highschool teacher. 6/23/97

Dear Dave:  I love what you are doing, but what do you mean "besides spelling"?  It's important for visual learning--even if numbers are more important (for some of us) than words....  Besides, there are educational snobs out here who just won't believe you are an educated person if you can't spell.  Thanks for your help. Sincerely, A Well Wisher 5/3/97 (I've since corrected the spelling.)

I'm a student of oceanography in the city of Ensenada, Mexico.  I wanted to, both, thank you and congratulate you on your page.  I was struggling with some special functions , and thanks to your page I've been able to solve my problems.  Well, just wanted to let you know. Patricia 4/21/97

Dear Dave, I am creating a set of homework links, primarily for middle school students... I'll be linking to Dave's Math Tables, as a resource for students. Thanks, Jennifer Stowe Assistant Research Editor 3/17/97 has helped me finish a paper on Fourier for college. 2/22/

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Dave --we've discovered your Math Tables page -- actually very exciting! we've linked to that page from our homework helpline page, if that is okay with you. check us out at you'll be under our _other math sites_ page (might not be updated until later in week of 2/17) thanks for a great site! terry meinen helpline teacher 2/16/97

I had a test on "The Notations" I went into your notation stuff and checked some of my answers! I got one right that my teacher marked wrong!! Thanks for having that there for my convience! 2/1/97

Math Tables
Whether you're looking for a basic multiplication table or something as mind-bending as a "fourier series," you'll find some help at Dave's aptly named Math Tables. A fine way to calculate how little you know about math.
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